Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Front Entry Bench (Part 1)

For the longest time, I've wanted one of those front entryways that everyone always talks about. You know what I mean. The ones where there is plenty of storage, but also an immediate sense that the place is a home. 

That's not what we got. Our entry is rather small and mostly consists of a giant window that the cat looks out of all morning. Oh, and a creepy closet. Having looked around a bit, I found some inspirational pictures on the web of what I would like to do to make the space a little more inviting. Like this image from The House of Smiths.

So, that's what I wanted. Here is what we started with:

I took out all the crap that we'd been storing/cramming in there and we took down the ceiling (that was caving) and the crappy shelf that had been there. All that remained was the lovely wood paneling from the 70s and the shelf posts on the side. We chose to keep using those since each one had several giant screws that went all the way into the wall.

Gorgeous, no?

I took on the task of cleaning the wall, filling the holes in the wood and generally making it look nicer. Hubby put up a new ceiling and added a couple of decorative touches. Then I painted. And painted, and painted. Even with primer, this took about 4 coats to get completely covered. Then I painted the various pieces of wood we planned to use to put it together. While I was away this last weekend, hubby put the full bench together and got it situated in it's new spot.

There is still a bunch of work to do on it. We are putting up hooks against the back and side walls for coats, purses, and umbrellas and putting a mat down for boots and garden shoes in the bigger cubby. I'm still looking for the right colorful storage containers to put up on the shelf to use for storing gloves, hats, and other winter items. I'm also decided on fabric to use to make a coushion for the bench itself. Maybe by this time next week it will be done.

Oh, and the closet doors are coming off. They are handy while things are wet or in progress to keep the cat from curling up in there.

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